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I'd like to thank my parents, Mau Van Nguyen (passed away) and Tram Thi Tran, for always being there for me and supporting all of my endeavors.

In addition I would like to thank Thu-Ho Ta Nguyen (my wife), Tram-Anh and Phuong-Anh (my daughters), and other relatives in my family. All of you have been a great influence in my life.

I would like to thank my English professors at Columbia Union College (CUC) and Montgomery College (MC) in Takoma Park, Maryland for guiding toward a better understanding of the English language. Thanks to Dr. AlayneThorpe (CUC), Col. Samuel R. Shumaker (Ret., CUC), and Dr. Thomas L. Eichman (MC). In addition, I thank all of my other professors at the universities for helping me gain knowledge in so many areas, especially in Information Systems and e-Commerce Developer.

I want to thank my friends for putting up with me and for giving me encouragement when I needed it. Thanks to Douglas Burke and family, Dr. Dung The Cao and family, Long Le, Dr. Thang Cao Tran, and Song The Cao.

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