Vinh-Liem P. Nguyen's Professional

About Myself

My name is Vinh-Liem P. Nguyen and I have over 2 years of experience in object-oriented
software and Web site development.

Most recently I am a Web Advertising Consultant at Primex Network, Inc., Potomac, Maryland

» to consult customers on designing their Web pages.

» to help local businesses reach potential customers through advertisements on the Internet.

» to sell Web links to local businesses.

Prior to that, I was a Software Consultant at Information Express ONE Corp. in San Jose, California
» to design main Web page for ieONE using Java, HTML, XML, VB 6 and Oracle Forms 6i.
» to develop Oracle Database for ieONE using Oracle, SQL*Plus, SQL and PL/SQL.

Before that, I was an Information Analyst at EDS/Bethlehem Steel in Baltimore, Maryland
» to develop database for large applications to support over 5 million customers using Oracle,
    PL/SQL, and SQL*Plus.
» to analyze customer trend to support marketing division using Oracle.
» to create Windows-based Customer Billing Systems using VB 6.
» to retrieve, investigate, and correct problems generating errors using TSO and COBOL.
» to manage, support, and update Plant Security, Coil Inventory, and Butler Inventory DB2
   databases using TSO and Excel.
» to analyze, create, and update data interchange in Tin Mill and Hot Mill DB2 databases using
   TSO and COBOL.


Before that, I was an Information Associate at EDS/Kellwood Company in St. Louis, Missouri
» to interface with customers to gather information for developing applications software to meet
   customer’s requirements.
» to manage and update Production Support Databases using MS Access.
» to modify, code, test, and implement business applications Richter System using VB 6, PL/SQL,
   and Java.
» to update data in accounting database using Oracle Financials.
» to design Kellwood Intranet using Java, HTML, XML, PL/SQL and Developer/2000.
» to write Technical Product Support Manual, Requirements, Processes, Procedures, and
   Communication Strategy Forms using MS Word and Lotus Notes Mailbox.
» to coordinate System Development Operations Meetings, Customer Service Request Release
   Plan Meetings, and Technical Delivery Team Meetings on weekly basis using Lotus Notes

» to scribe Meeting/Agenda/Minutes for System Development Operations Meetings, Customer
   Service Request Release Plan Meetings, and Technical Delivery Team Meetings on weekly basis
   using MS Word and Lotus Notes Mailbox.


My strengths include:
» Experienced in analysis and design of database architecture and applications software and
   software installation and testing.
» Have strong customer-service skills and ability to resolve contradictory problems.
» Experienced in documenting and writing technical support manuals, requirements, processes,
   procedures, and communication strategy forms.

My objective is to obtain a dynamic and challenging position as a Software Developer/
to utilize my strong technical skills and experience to designing, developing,
implementing, and maintaining your company's software development.


   Contact: Vinh Liem P. Nguyen

                    1 Applegrath Court, Germantown, MD 20876-5613 (U.S.A.)


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