Vinh-Liem P. Nguyen's Professional



Certificate, e-Commerce Developer
Rockwell University, Vienna, Virginia, 01/02-07/02

I.   Oracle Developer Certificate Program

      A.   Oracle 8i SQL & SQL*Plus (SQL*Plus Portfolio)

           1.   Introduction To Databases

           2.   Data Modeling

           3.   Introduction To SQL

           4.   Basic Queries

           5.   Single Row Functions

           6.   Group Functions

           7.   Joins

           8.   Sub Queries & Set Operators

           9.   Formatting the Output

           10. The SQL*Plus Environment

           11. Data Definition Language (DDL)

           12. Data Manipulation Language (DML)

           13. Transaction Control Language (TCL)

           14. Database Objects


           16. Data Control Language Commands


      B.   Oracle 8i PL/SQL (PL/SQL Portfolio)

            1.   Introduction To PL/SQL: The Execution Environments of PL/SQL, the Advantage of 

                  PL/SQL, the PL/SQL Block, the PL/SQL Block Structure, the Declaration Section, 

                     the Execution Section, the Exception Section, and Generating Output.

              2.    Variables, Constants, Lexical Units & Operations: Scalar Datatypes, Block Labels, 

                     Identifiers, Literals, Operators, Composite Datatypes, PL/SQL Record, PL/SQL 

                 Table, and PL/SQL Table Attributes.

              3.   Conditions and Loops: Conditional Control, the Simple IF-THEN-ELSE, The 

                     Multiple IF-THEN-ELSE, Nested IF-THEN-ELSE, Iterative Control and Loops, 

                 While Loops, For Loops and Nested Loops.

              4.   Cursors:  Using SQL in PL/SQL, Using Select... Into Statement, Cursors, Implicit 

                 Cursors, Explicit Cursor, Declaring a Cursor, Opening a Cursor, Fetching data 

                     from a Cursor, Closing/Disabling a Cursor, the Attributes of a Cursor, Cursor 

                 State from Cursor Attributes, Implicit Cursor Attributes, Cursors and Loops, 

                 Cursor FOR Loops, and Passing parameters to the Cursor.

              5.   Exception Handling: Exceptions, Exception Handler, Process of Handling 

                     User-Defined Exceptions, Types of Exceptions, Named System Exceptions, 

                     Named User-Defined Exceptions, Unnamed System Exceptions, and 


              6.   Procedures and Functions: Modularity, Types of Program Units, Structure of 

                     a Named Block, Creating Procedures, Calling a Procedure, Server-Side VS 

                     Client-Side Procedures, Removing a Procedure, Functions, Calling a Function, 

                     Removing a Function, Parameters, Parameter Modes, and Parameter Notations.

               7.   Procedure Builder: Starting Procedure Builder, The Procedure Builder Window, 

                      Procedure Builder Modules, Debugging and Testing.

               8.   Packages: Packages, Advantages of Packages, Declaring Packages, Package 

                      Body, Using Packages, Package Initialization, and Overloading.

               9.   Oracle Predefined Packages: Intersession Communication with DBMS_PIPE, 

                      Security for Pipes, Sending a message using DBMS_PIPE, Receiving a message 

                      using DBMS_PIPE, Dynamic SQL and DBMS_SQL package, Using the 

                      DBMS_SQL package, and Native Dynamic SQL.

              10.  Managing Dependencies: Dependencies, Types of Dependencies, Timestamp 

                      Method of Managing Dependencies, Verification for Procedures or Functions 

                      in Dependencies, and Description of Privileges.

              11.  Database Triggers: Database Triggers, Components of a Trigger, Trigger 

                      Types, Trigger Events, Triggering Restrictions, Trigger Firing Sequence, 

                      Trigger Body, Removing/Disabling Triggers, Auditing with Triggers, and 

                      Instead of Triggers.


       C.   Oracle Forms 6i (Forms 6i Portfolio)

              1.   The Compnents of Forms 6i

              2.   Running a Predesigned Form

              3.   Working in the Form Builder Environment

              4.   Creating a Basic Form Module

              5.   Creating a Master-Detail Application

              6.   Working With Blocks

              7.   Working With Text Items

              8.   Working With Display Items

              9.   Creating Additional Input Items

             10. Creating a List of Values (LOV) and Using Alternate Editors

             11. Enhancing the Appearance of a Form

             12. Triggers


       D.   Oracle Report 6i (Report 6i Portfolio)

              1.   Introduction to Oracle Reports 6i

              2.   Creating a Tabular Report

              3.   Data Model

              4.   The Layout Model

              5.   Query Builder

              6.   Formular and Summary Column

              7.   Place Holder Columns

              8.   Parameters in the Data Model

              9.   Creating Master-Detail Reports

              10. Creating Matrix Reports

              11. Drill Down Reports

              12. More About Frames

              13. Creating Fields in the Layout Model

              14. Anchors in the Layout Model

              15. Triggers

              16. SRW Build-In

              17. Creating a Report Using Format Triggers

              18. Report Templates

              19. Reports Server Architecture


II.  Java Developer Certificate Program

      1.   Oracle/SQL: Oracle, SQL, Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD), Tables, Statements 

             and Queries.

      2.   The Internet: The Internet and the Web, Programming Logic and Object-Oriented 


      3.   HTML: HTML, Inline Images and Colors, Hyperlinks, Frames, Tables, HTML Forms and 

            Cascading Style Sheets (CSS),

      4.   Javascript: JavaScript, JavaScript Operators, JavaScript Functions, Conditional 

             Statements and Loops, Date and Time, Form Contents and Elements, Window 

             Control, Frames, Menus, DHTML, Debugging JavaScript and JavaScript Programming 


      5.   XML: XML, Document Type Definition (DTD), Namespaces, XML Schema and Data 


      6.   Java: Java, Applets, Java Server Page (JSP), Servlets, HTTP servlet and JDBC.


BS, Information Systems
Columbia Union College, Takoma Park, Maryland, 06/97-07/99
    1.    Systems Analysis and Management Information
    2.    Oracle
    3.    Database Design
    4.    Java Programming

    5.    Computer Security
    6.    Information Systems Data Communication
    7.    System Acquisition and Development
    8.    COBOL

    9.    Issues in Relation and Business Culture

    10.  Java Programming

    11.  UNIX Software Development

    12.  Advanced Computer Concepts

    13.  Management Skills Assessment

    14.  Research and Literature

    15.  Computer Fundamentals and Design

    16.  Principles of Accounting I

    17.  Small Business Development

    18.  Topics in Management

    19.  American Literature I

    20.  Introduction to Fine Arts

    21.  Ethics in Modern Society

    22.  Introduction to Psychology

    23.  Guided Independent Research Project


AA, Electro-Mechanical
Montgomery College, Germantown, Maryland, 06/88-06/97
    1.    Elements of Statistics
    2.    Computer Concepts
    3.    Systems Analysis and Design
    4.    Physical Science I
    5.    Computer Aided Drafting I

    6.    Computer Aided Drafting II
    7.    Mechanics I - Statics
    8.    Introduction To Computer Math
    9.    Fundamentals of Speech

    10.  Principle of Economics I

    11.  Principle of Economics II

    12.  A.C. Circuit Analysis

    13.  D.C. Circuit Analysis

    14.  Photographic Expression I

    15.  Technical Writing

    16.  Intermediate Algebra and Trigon

    17.  Systems Engineer Technical Project

    18.  Computer Aided Design I

    19.  Computer Drafting/Engineering Application

    20.  Technical of Reading and Writing

    21.  Introduction To Computer Science

    22.  Engineering Graphics I

    23.  Principle Health Living

    24.  Intermediate Swimming

    25.  Women in Western World

    26.  American History 1865-Present



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