Vinh-Liem's Works of Art

Before 1975

Book Was Published In Vietnam

"Vinh Liem's Poems" -- Book of poems, in Vietnamese language, published in 1974

Books Ready For Publication In Vietnam

(Note: All works before 1975--in Vietnamese language--fell into Communist hands and were destroyed)


A.  Books of Poems

    1.    Lời Tự Tnh Của Biển (The Ocean's Whispering)

    2.    Tự Th (Confession)

    3.    Qu Hương Trong Tri Tim Người (The Native Land In One's Heart)

    4.    Ci ời Hiu Quạnh (The Deserted Life)

    5.    Ct Vng (The Yellow Sand)


B.   Collections of Short Stories

   1.    Ma Xun Của Nng (The Spring of Her Life)

   2.    Lối Thot (The Way Out)

   3.    Qu Nh (The Fatherland)


C.   Novel

   1.    G Ca Tnh Yu (The First Love)


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