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Pho 81 restaurants feature naturally flavored, low-calorie, and delicious soups with the choices of sliced brisket, flank, and eye round steak. Each bowl of soup is accompanied with fresh coriander, bean sprouts, hot peppers, lemon wedges... to give the customers a complete, nutritious, and well-balanced meal.

Why Pho 81 Is Better?

Pho 81 is not only famous for its delicious beef soups made with the best ingredients, but also for its quick service and consistent quality. The consistency of our soups is ensured by the careful blending of spices supplied from the company's central manufacturing facility.

With a proven track record of successful operation during the past years, we are certain that quality meal, consistency, and courteous service have placed us on top of all competitors.


In June, 2002, the first Pho 81 restaurant opened in Germantown, Maryland with a model kitchen and a comfortable dining area. We did not have the required budget to launch a massive advertising campaign. But with a good recipe, dedication, and a personal commitment to making the best soups for our customers at a reasonable price, we were able to capitalize on our strengths and use them to multiply our successes. Today, we are a successful company with an impressive growth rate.

Our Management

Pho 81 management team has extensive regional and national experience in marketing, management retailing, market research, new product development, and real estate.

We are professionals who want you to succeed as much as you do and who will do our best to make your success a reality.

Our Philosophy

Our corporate philosophy is based on customer service, quality, and integrity.

We believe that the customers are our guests and deserve prompt, friendly, and courteous service we want our guests to come with great expectations and leave with satisfaction.

We use only top-quality ingredients in all our products and serve these products in an environment which reflects our high standards. And we select franchisees who share and convey our high standards to our customers.

Our fair and honest reputation precedes us. We at Pho 81 are known for our integrity in everything we do. Our customers, our suppliers, and our franchisees trust us. You can be assured that we will sincerely try to always do what is most beneficial for you and your franchise.


Noodle Soup Trends

Soup is an important element and a delicious choice in our daily eating habits. It is one of those foods that, if skillfully made, has magic properties... a blending of flavors that excites all aspects of taste from first sip to last swallow. Soup is nutritious, wholesome, full but not filling.

Our noodle soups started as an authentic national dish and have been gaining tremendous popularity among all ethnic groups. In the past few years, as customers are more concerned about a healthy diet, our noodle soups have gained praise for providing a more nutritious choice among the so-called fast foods.

Our Marketing Strategy

Our products appeal not only to those who want a quick, inexpensive, and yet complete meal, but also to those who are health-conscious and looking for wholesome foods.

At present, our continuing market research has geared us further towards the expansion and marketing into the Caucasian market. It is certain that, with increasing awareness about the noodle soups, the Caucasians will be our largest customer base. As such, new products are continually tested and our menu has been expanded recently to serve the changing demands of our customers.

We also approach our growth objectives with the same philosophy that guides our organization that of quality. Quality franchisees in quality locations. We do not believe in opening restaurants just to attain a certain annual objective. Too many franchisers have expanded with that philosophy only to eventually find themselves and their franchisees in a precarious position. Controlled quality growth will help assure long-term successes for all.


Personal Experience

We believe that the average business person or the enthusiastic entrepreneur should be able to make it on their own, provided that they be guided properly by experienced professionals to help them avoid costly mistakes. Pho 81 offers a great opportunity for you to grow with an established restaurant chain.

Our training program and streamlined administrative procedures will guide you in all facets of the operation while providing tight control over your business.

Restaurant Management

We believe that the entrepreneur can only be successful if he dedicates himself to the job. It is crucial that you - the entrepreneur - actually manage the restaurant yourself to ensure a successful operation. One can be hired to assist in the day-to-day operations, but no one can be hired to achieve the success you desire.

The Investment

Depending on the site that is finally selected, and whether you will enter an existing restaurant or a new vacant space, investment could vary from $190,000 to $250,000. The following chart summarizes the major costs for opening a Pho 81 restaurant in a new vacant space. Please keep in mind that these costs are estimates only.

How much total cash will be required?

    Franchise Fee (one term)                         $12,000

    Site Improvement (one time)                       85,000

    Furniture & Equipments (one time)                 42,000

    Signage & Advertising (one time)                   5,500

    Small wares & Opening Inventory (one time)        15,500

    Administrative costs & Miscellaneous (one time)    4,500

    Three Months Operation Cash Flow (see note)       24,000



Note: The Three Months Operation Cash Flow may be refunded, if any amount left over, after 3 months of a normal operation.

Is there any continuing fee?

The continuing royalty fee is a monthly payment for the use of  Pho 81 trademark, operation system, services etc...The royalty fee is a fixed payment determined by the market, location, protected territory, and restaurant size. In addition, franchisees are required to purchase from the company certain ingredients used in preparing the unique beef noodle soup to ensure that consistency is maintained throughout the chain.

Is there any advertising fee?

Franchisees are required to spend on local advertising a minimum of 0.5% of gross sales monthly. For some areas, franchisees may also be required to participate in regional marketing campaigns, whenever organized by our corporate marketing department.

What is the term of the Franchise Agreement?

The franchise term will be for 5 years, with an option to renew for another term at expiration.


It is to our mutual advantage that you be successful and feel comfortable in the operation of your business. All of our assistance is directed to that end. The greatest benefit for a Pho 81 franchisee is the ability to step into a proven business format with systems in place to guide profitability.


Our training program given at a Pho 81 operation provides you with hand-on experiences in managing the restaurant. The program encompasses all aspects of business operation, including, in part, menu item preparation, operational, administrative and inventory controls, vendor selection relationships, customer relations, and personnel selection and motivation.

Site Selection

We will assist you in selecting the location by evaluating local market studies, consumer demographics, site availability and various other factors. Although we reserve the right to accept all proposed locations, the actual selection, purchase or leasing of the site is your responsibility.

Restaurant Design and Setup

We provide the basic store layout and design to conform to your specific site. We will work with your architects to help prepare finished architectural drawings, if necessary. Our trained representatives will help you to set up the store to ensure that you have every item necessary to open for business.


We will provide a complete equipment list and direct you to the right vendors. You may order equipments from different vendors so long as they conform to our approved specifications.

Opening Inventory

We will provide you with a list of supplies you will need and will assist you in selecting local vendors and in placing orders. Major items are purchased from national suppliers with whom we already have working relationships.

Store Opening Assistance

Our representatives will be with you at your store's grand opening and for several days thereafter to help make the transition as smooth as possible.

Regular Store Review

We will visit your store on a regular and frequent basis to provide assistance as necessary.


For franchise application information, please call our Franchise Department at (240) 997-6005 in Germantown, Maryland, USA.


   Contact: Mr. Vinh Liem P. Nguyen

                   19735 Frederick Road, Germantown, MD 20876-5613 (U.S.A.)

                   Phone: (240) 686-2068. Fax: (240) 686-2069, Cell: (240) 997-6005


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