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Poetry Corner

Spring Night Confidences



Is Spring really here, or is it only a dream?

Since I learned how to smile, Iíve waited for Spring.

Through thirty years of vagabond life,

Iíve heard Spring would free my shackled heart.


I know Spring rushes once itís come

with its liqueurs to fill souls to brimming.

But oh what wretched, endless grief

this strange and frigid Spring imparts!


Spring sometimes idles as it comes,

then runs with no promise of returning.

Still, I pray and nourish faith

that Spring will return, smiles will set root.


I drink to Spring in these darkest times;

I chant my rhymes of hopeless waiting.

Spring, do you know? Oh what dreams I waste

on the buds of Love and Joy youíve lost!


(Silver Spring, Jan. 23, 1981)


Vinh Liem

Translated from Vietnamese by R.S. Carlson  

   Contact: Vinh Liem

                   1 Applegrath Court, Germantown, MD 20876-5613 (U.S.A.)


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