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Poetry Corner


Sorrow II


   (Dedicated to Brad Marggraff)




Suddenly I hear the bad news of the day;

My neighbor — also a friend – just passed away.

He’s nice and handsome; he’s a good man;

Why do you die so young, my dear friend?


You have lovely children – both young girls;

A beautiful wife and a free world.

Over fifteen years in same place and neighborhood;

We all love and enjoy the good food.


We love you and we miss you;

God takes you away – is that true?

Thanksgiving is less than a week from today;

We pray for you, my dear friend, anyway.


God Bless your family – your children and your wife;

Take your time to celebrate a new life.


(Germantown, November 19, 1999)


Vinh Liem


   Contact: Vinh Liem

                   1 Applegrath Court, Germantown, MD 20876-5613 (U.S.A.)


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