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Poetry Corner






It has no head, no eye, no mind;

It comes from my body--inside.

It has no leg, no hand, no arm;

Itís not cold; itís not warm.


It has no house and no shelter;

It has nothing--brother or sister.

It has no relative and no family;

But I can feel and I can see.


It has no color and no race;

no identity and no birthplace.

Its body is a liquid form;

Itís harmful as a storm.


How often it happens to me?

Itís not my friend, but enemy.


(Germantown, March 3, 1998)


Vinh Liem


   Contact: Vinh Liem

                   1 Applegrath Court, Germantown, MD 20876-5613 (U.S.A.)


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