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Poetry Corner


Iím Feeling Blue

(For Ryelynn Johnson)



One day youíve said: ďIím feeling blue;Ē

From your heart, I think itís true.

Youíre a wonderful woman, my young lady!

You care for your parents because itís your family.


I hope your father will be fine;

Heís real sick but heís still alive.

He wants to stay at home with his children;

I pray for him at this moment!


I know someday he will pass away;

What will you feel? What would you say?

Youíll be crying for him as a young child

But heíll never be far away from your mind.


Be proud of your father--heís a good man;

Youíre always a young girl, my dear friend!


(Germantown, Dec. 5, 2000)


Vinh Liem


   Contact: Vinh Liem

                   1 Applegrath Court, Germantown, MD 20876-5613 (U.S.A.)


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